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During the summer holidays (except for the 2 week trip to the mountains)
I plan to pause working on PhD and concentrate on yade. It means that I
plan to make a new release with serious modifications. In turn this
means, that all your work (capillary contact law, triaxial test,
anything else that some of you do) will not work in new release.

I want everybody who made something useful in yade, and he wants it
working after summer holidays - to send it to me - just before he goes
to summer holidays. Then I will be able to convert your work to the new
yade version. And also I'll include it in next release.

It's important that you send it to me, I predict that converting your
code to next yade version will be difficult for you!

In turn when you see _your_ code adapted by me - you will quickly
understand what the changes were ;)

planned changes include better design for file generator, redesign of
containers, adding third dimension for dispatching on interaction (if
that means anything to you ;) - the latter is especially because
capillary contact law proved that the original idea of having three
dimensions was correct from the very beginning.

I'm not starting those changes now. I'm still working on PhD currently.
I'm writing above so that you will know in advance what's going on.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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