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Hi Janek,

It's been a long long time...

I send you what I have changed in the code. I'm sorry because I have let it down for a while (3 or 4 months!), and I'm not very sure of the concerned files, so I send you all the "DEM-package" and some files from the "common-package". As you will see, the capillary Law is working for the "SphereCouple" example, but there is a problem with the "SdecSpherePlane2" which was working under Debian (Sarge) but not under my "new" Kubuntu version... I don't really understand... About the Capillary Force, it is, at the present, fixed at an arbitrary value which, consequently, doesn't work for all the cases (size, mass...), but I'm currently on it...

So, I hope it will be fine for you, don't hesitate if you have questions.

So long.

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