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Re: Installing yade on kubuntu.


Janek : Thanks, your explanations for installing Yade on Kubuntu 6.06 are clear and usefull.
I have installed Yade successfuly yesterday, on Kubuntu 6.06 - _AMD64 port_.

## Note that for compiling Yade for AMD64, the option -fPIC is required. No idea what is this option for... it seems it is a common problem of gcc in the AMD64 version.
Consequently, the "make" command must look like this :

make compile_install CXXFLAGS='-fPIC -pthread -lpthread -O3' INSTALL_DIR='/YADE' PREFIX_DIR='/home/joeuser'

## Installing QGLviewer was my first backporting experience from sources, your explanations were crucial at this point. However, once QGLviewer was installed following your guidelines, I realised that in fact there is a QGLviewer package available in kubuntu!
I didn't try it, perhaps I will.
So, why do we need to compile our own version?


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