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Re: Installing yade on kubuntu.


Hello Bruno :)

> Janek : Thanks, your explanations for installing Yade on Kubuntu 6.06 
> are clear and usefull.
> I have installed Yade successfuly yesterday, on Kubuntu 6.06 - _AMD64 port_.

wow. contratulations, I'm very happy about your success!

> ## Note that for compiling Yade for AMD64, the option -fPIC is required. 
> No idea what is this option for... it seems it is a common problem of 
> gcc in the AMD64 version.
> Consequently, the "make" command must look like this :
> make compile_install CXXFLAGS='-fPIC -pthread -lpthread -O3' INSTALL_DIR='/YADE' PREFIX_DIR='/home/joeuser'
very interesting. I'll add this information to the instructions, thanks!

> ## Installing QGLviewer was my first backporting experience from 
> sources, your explanations were crucial at this point.
> However, once QGLviewer was installed following your guidelines, I 
> realised that in fact there is a QGLviewer package available in kubuntu!
> I didn't try it, perhaps I will.
> So, why do we need to compile our own version?

It is because there are TWO different packages (written by different
authors) that have the same name. Consequently libqglviewer upon adding
to debian will be renamed to a different name: lib3dviewer. It's also
explained on yade's website.

Now that you have a fresh kubuntu, you can also install some other
interesting packages, like kdesvn, kdevelop, valgrind, etc... :)

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