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Re: drawing loop


On Thu, 2006-06-29 at 00:43 +0200, Janek Kozicki wrote:

> OK, it is in yade now. Please make a fresh checkout from subversion.
> Threadable class has been removed:
> - when yade is idle 0% of CPU is consumed by the display,
> - when simulation is ran it is in separate thread, second processor (if
>   present) is drawing on the screen otherwise single processor does all the job,
> - with two processors theoretically QtGUI should have speed equal to NullGUI,
> - drawing on the screen is not synchronized, so some bodies are from previous
>   iteration, some are from next iteration (later there will be an option to
>   turn synchronization ON - it will slow down computations a bit)
> This implementation is stil not 100% tested, please report if there are any
> problems. Especially if there is a segfault on exit.
> Press enter in each graphical view to start/stop updating it.
> There is one known problem - when Simulation Controller is closed and
> then opened second time, the spheres are not displayed (if the loaded
> scene contains spheres). I hope to fix it later.

Hi, Janek,

Oh, Great, Yade works. And I can run the first example. Thank you very

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