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Re: YADE in Geomechanics


There are two type of problems that I can handle for this moment. First and
the easier one is the bearing capacity of foundation. Second one is the
pressure distribution behind a retaining wall. Due to time restriction I
think I will choose the first one. But in any case, I have to perform
triaxial test on a sample of generated particles to measure the strength and
elastic properties of the soil so that I can compare the results with the
conventional methods and FEM solutions.

I used the word effectiveness in the meaning of benchmarking of the program
with conventional methods and FEM programs. Results obtained from YADE
should agree with the others or I should be able to explain the reasons of
the differences.

Additionally, I need documentation about the technical background and
theories behind the program i.e. contact formulation, principals of particle
dynamics etc. So I need technical papers actually.

I also want to learn whether it is possible to take measurements at any step
time like the stresses, displacements etc.

Omer Ardic
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