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Re: YADE in Geomechanics


Omer Ardic said:     (by the date of Wed, 19 Jul 2006 10:23:00 +0300)

> There are two type of problems that I can handle for this moment. First and
> the easier one is the bearing capacity of foundation. Second one is the
> pressure distribution behind a retaining wall. Due to time restriction I
> think I will choose the first one. But in any case, I have to perform
> triaxial test on a sample of generated particles to measure the strength and
> elastic properties of the soil so that I can compare the results with the
> conventional methods and FEM solutions.

This seems interesting. What is the size of the model of calculating
bearing capacity of foundation? I'm asking because I'm concerned about
calculation time. DEM although more precise - is slower than FEM. And
simulating 1m^3 of soil can be difficult. Both in terms of calculation
time and memory consumption. If you have not enough RAM in the computer
to store whole simulation, it is not possible to perform the simulation
- reading and writing to swap will take all the eternity.

> I used the word effectiveness in the meaning of benchmarking of the program
> with conventional methods and FEM programs. Results obtained from YADE
> should agree with the others or I should be able to explain the reasons of
> the differences.

ok, I understand. See above, though ;)

> Additionally, I need documentation about the technical background and
> theories behind the program i.e. contact formulation, principals of particle
> dynamics etc. So I need technical papers actually.

I hope that with information that Bruno and I have sent to you, you can
find all what you need. If you got some difficulties, just ask :)

> I also want to learn whether it is possible to take measurements at any step
> time like the stresses, displacements etc.

yes, you can measure whatever you want, but currently you have to
dedicate your time to write C++ functions that perform measurements
necessary for you. You can have a look at ForceRecorder.cpp
StrainRecorder.cpp (only in lattice model), etc....

In the future yade will have whole set of measurement functions, that
will be ready to use, but they must be written first :) So if you write
simething we will gladly put it into yade, for other people to use :)

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