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Probably of using YADE as a shared library


Hi, all, especially experienced Linux programmers:

Currently I am trying to do simulate particle-fluid interaction using either 
of the two ways:

1) Use YADE as the main program, incorporate fluid module into YADE, the fluid 
module is from OpenFOAM (http://www.openfoam.org), however, the OpenFOAM uses 
wmake compile system, I am not very sure if it is possible to make module from 
OpenFOAM into a shared library and then make it linkable to YADE which is 
compiled by KDevelop.

2) Use OpenFOAM as the main program, incorporate YADE into it, in this way the 
YADE should be treated as a shared library, because lack of confidence writing 
shared libraries within Linux, I just wonder if it is possible to compile YADE 
into a xxx.so file under KDevelop, then link to the main program compiled by 
wmake? I think the main problem is not to let YADE be compiled again, since 
there would be two compile systems, although both of them use g++.

I hope I have made my problem clear, if anybody is interested, any kind of 
discussion is welcome!

Thanks a lot!

With best regards,

Feng, Chen
Graduate Student
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
(865) 974-4835 (Office)

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