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Re: YADE in Geomechanics


Omer Ardic a écrit :

> Can you please check the following papers. I am looking for someting 
> like them.
> http://arw-bled2004.scix.net/Files/acceptedpapers/materialmodelling_nato_paper.pdf 
> <http://arw-bled2004.scix.net/Files/acceptedpapers/materialmodelling_nato_paper.pdf>
> http://www.ica1.uni-stuttgart.de/~fernando/papers/mic-mac-alonso04f.pdf 
> <http://www.ica1.uni-stuttgart.de/%7Efernando/papers/mic-mac-alonso04f.pdf>
> http://www.ica1.uni-stuttgart.de/~fernando/papers/incremental05.pdf 
> <http://www.ica1.uni-stuttgart.de/%7Efernando/papers/incremental05.pdf>
> http://www.ucy.ac.cy/~gracm05/PROCS1/139.pdf 
> <http://www.ucy.ac.cy/%7Egracm05/PROCS1/139.pdf>
> I have also the PhD thesis of Gian Antonio D'Addetta "Discrete Models 
> for Cohesive Frictional Materials".


Perhaps, see the proccedings of powder & grains 2005 (Stuttgart) and 
previous powder & grains conferences, it could give you a good overview 
of what is done with the DEM in in the field of soil mechanics. There is 
in fact a huge amount of papers on DEM in soil mechanics, it is 
impossible to give you a list. However, if you are interested in what is 
in Yade, perhaps see the early papers of P.A.Cundall.

BTW : I hope I will implement a complete triaxial compression test in 
Yade very soon. Currently, I have only isotropic compression. I can send 
you the source code if you want.

Bruno Chareyre


> Do you know which program used in those papers?
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