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DEM Simulation


I have successfully installed YADE on my PC using the steps explained in the documentation (kubuntu), this is really a great and detailed explaination.

However, it seems that the examples provided do not really explain how to use YADE in setting up simulations. For instance, the structure of the data files, simulation controls ...etc (unless i am not aware of it). I wonder if a brief document exists on how to setup a simple DEM simulation probably with as low as 2 spherical elements and setpup various parameters for the contact model employed ...etc. Then plot simulation results. Such an example will be very helpfull.

In addition, can you provide similar installation steps for a more widely used Linux OS such as SUSE or Fedora. The point is that most popular analysis software like ABAQUS (which i am currently using) is available under such OSs.

-Ahmed H. Elmekati
PhD. Student
Geotechnical Division
Civil and Enviromental Engineering Dept.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 12180 

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