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Re: DEM Simulation, SuSe 9.x installation


I have succeeded now with installing on Suse 9.1 and 9.3. I still have 
problems on SuSe 10.1 and will ask some questions here when I have time 
to craft them.

Last week I posted all the installed packages and my compile command,
posted to this group, gives the core set-up. The one change I *had* to
make for a successful compile was to install libQGLViewer from the
.tar.gz source using its 'INSTALL' file instructions. I removed the
libQGLViewer RPMs before doing that. All else was exactly from the YADE
'INSTALL' file. Hence, the install instructions for SuSe 9.x are already
in hand.

I would welcome a setup guide of a simulation example as well. I have
tried doing a triaxil DEM case but something was missing. I don't know
if all the selections in menus lead to useable setups. If some menu
choices can not lead to a useable simulation, it may pay to keep a
public list of what menu items are usable during this early development
time. In the end I guess it is all a question of human time to do

Best, Allen

Allen Wilkinson                       (phone) (216) 382-7613
1036 Pembrook Road                    (work)  (216) 433-2075
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121  USA      (INTERNET) aw(at)chaff(dot)biz

On Fri, 1 Sep 2006, Ahmed ELMEKATI wrote:

> Hello,
> I have successfully installed YADE on my PC using the steps explained in the documentation (kubuntu), this is really a great and detailed explaination.
> However, it seems that the examples provided do not really explain how to use YADE in setting up simulations. For instance, the structure of the data files, simulation controls ...etc (unless i am not aware of it). I wonder if a brief document exists on how to setup a simple DEM simulation probably with as low as 2 spherical elements and setpup various parameters for the contact model employed ...etc. Then plot simulation results. Such an example will be very helpfull.
> In addition, can you provide similar installation steps for a more widely used Linux OS such as SUSE or Fedora. The point is that most popular analysis software like ABAQUS (which i am currently using) is available under such OSs.
> -Ahmed H. Elmekati
> PhD. Student
> Geotechnical Division
> Civil and Enviromental Engineering Dept.
> Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
> Troy, NY 12180 
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