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new 4hedra model help & lack of documentation



can I get some rough guidelines on implementing a brand-new 4hedra 
model? What is the easiest way to start? Am I correct in the following 
list of classes to implement?

First, for the element itself:
  1. GeometricalModel (done in 
  2. InteractingGeometry (simple 4hedron as well)
  3. BoundingVolume (trivial)
  4. State (container of internal variables, right?)
  5. PhysicalParameters (container of physical variables)

Second, for the interaction
  6. InteractionGeometry (collision detection)
  7. InteractionPhysics (collision response)
  8. PhysicalAction (application of the physical response??)

Thanks, Vaclav

PS. You ask to report any disadvantages of yade on the website. As a 
newcomer, my opinion may not count much, but anyways.

1. utter lack of documentation: most of the source code is not 
documented (poorly or not at all). For example, would someone 
knowledgeable mind to complete the User's manual left in an incomplete 
state by Olivier? For casual user (are there any?), it might not be a 
problem, but for those building their own models etc., this is (almost) 
prohibitive. (In my case, I am very seriously looking at alternative DEs 
(ode, bullet) just because of that.)

Frankly speaking, when you (Janek) finish your thesis and will no longer 
develop and/or maintain yade, it is deemed to fall into oblivion (i.e. 
no community around) for the lack of documentation - just my opinion, 

2. I find the overdesigned 
project/bunch-of-directories/one-class-per-directory to be unbrowsable 
with command-line or anything available I use. To navigate through 100 
files scattered everywhere to get the idea of a simple code-path, not a 
great thing to do either.

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