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Re: lack of documentation


Hey, my usual program set is also term+mc+gvim! I will be grateful for
the guide for 4hedra, since I would like to have a "preview" of the
model (=working programatically, but inaccurate physically) before
Christmas, then to tune interaction laws etc. (Maybe I will try a
simpler version in Python - in case it turned out that 4hedra are
useless completely). By then, I will see you in Grenoble. 

BTW I don't think that game physics is necessarily less accurate. There
is MUCH more money in the gaming industry (than in engineering
simulation "business") and the scarce information available suggests
that their algorithms follow rather closely latest advances in the
research on collision detection etc. It is a pity that there is no
open-source version of havok or at least some standardized API analogous
to openGL but for physics. Not to mention dedicated hw physics processors
(PhysX from ageia), that kind of thingie academia will hardly ever

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