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differenciate box/sphere and sphere/sphere interaction


In the purpose of my capillary law implementation, I would like to 
delete capillary interactions between spheres and walls (to only keep 
capillary bonds between spheres). It seems to me that I have to check 
geometrical model of the 2 bodies in interaction at the beginning of my 
capillaryCohesiveLaw with the help of the getClassIndex function, but I 
am currently not able to write it correctly.

I wrote this at the beginning of my file, after checking of interacting 
bodies, and before calculating capillary forces:

shared_ptr<GeometricalModel> modelGeometry;
int geometryIndex1 = find((*bodies)[id1], modelGeometry->getClassIndex());
int geometryIndex2 = find( (*bodies)[id2], modelGeometry->getClassIndex());
if (geometryIndex1 == geometryIndex2) continue;

If you can help me on the use of this useful function?

thanks a lot in advance,

so long

Ph.D. student


Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
Laboratoire 3S (Soils, Solids, Structures)
BP 53 - 38041 GRENOBLE cedex 9 - FRANCE

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