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Re: wm3 convergence (important)


Hello Vaclav,

Thanks for your initiative about cleaning this up. This thing has to
be done, and this is the only correct direction to go. Therefore I
think that we should make the switch more drastic:

- delete wm3 from yade

- ask the users to install wm3 separately, just like they have to
  install qglviewer.

- provide a script (that you have already written as I understand?)
  that will perform a global search'n'replace in the code. So that
  everyone will be able to make this switch painlessly.

I will ask Artur to make a debian package from wm3 so that installing
wm3 will be as easy as installing qglviewer. I need your assistance
with that:

wm3 is a very big library, and in my opinion it should be split into
several debian packages. And we will need only one of them. Maybe it
will have a name wm3-foundation (just like the original authors
called the core of their library). I want you to have a look at that
23MB tarball with wm3, and tell Artur what he should put into this
debian package (and how to name it).

This is mainly header files, I'm not even sure if there is any .cpp
to be compiled. Also it has no dependencies on other software. So I
think that packaging it shouldn't be very complicated. 

Artur: I hope that you will quickly catch up with Vaclav's effort :)

PS: about log4cxx I wanted to keep backward compatibility because I'm
still not sure whether this is the best way to go. I will need to
take time and study other options - there was a logging library
proposal for boost which was rejected. I would need to read its
reviews to learn why that library was rejeceted. It should give some
hints about what solution fits the best.

But in the case of wm3 there is no doubt, so we don't need to keep
backward compatibility, just give the users a script that will make a
painless switch for them.

# Janek Kozicki
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