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friction in elastic contact law and TriaxialTest




I have modified the way contact friction is computed in 
elasticContactLaw (which should in fact be named 
I take contact friction as min(fricBody1, fricBody2) rather than 
mean(fricBody1, fricBody2).
It seems more realistic to me (highly subjective) and this way we are 
not obliged to set negative friction (!) on walls to simulate 
frictionless behavior.
The strange part is I thought this change had already been made by 
somebody... But I've no time to browse all the mailing lists now...

The question is : do everybody agree with this modified friction?
I can wait few days to see you replies and decide to commit or not.


I will also commit a lot of changes in the IsotropicTest and 
TriaxialTest parts in the comming hours.

- IsotropicCompressionTest, StiffnessMatrix, StiffnessCounter, 
StiffnessMatrixTimeStepper will be removed completely

-TriaxialCompressionTest will replace IsotropicCompressionTest as it can 
perform either isotropic or anisotropic tests.
-All stuff needed for the computation of timesteps will be in 
GlobalStiffness (which now include translational and rotational 
stiffness), GlobalStiffnessCounter and GlobalStiffnessTimeStepper. All 
these classes will be used in TriaxialTest.



Chareyre Bruno
Maître de conférence

Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
Laboratoire 3S (Soils Solids Structures) - bureau I08
BP 53 - 38041, Grenoble cedex 9 - France     
Tél :

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