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Re: problem with running yade


> Hi,
> 1.When enter the "Plugins" and doing "rescan" (in the Edit->Preferences
> button), I got some "unloaded" messges :
> [...]
> In yade-package-common I have the following files (some of those files the
> program can load and some of them can not):

The list of files you have seems short to me (only Drawing classes). Did
you compile everything? Do you have all plugins directories listed
preferences? What version are you using, what build method?
Unless someone else steps in, I will not be able to verify before
friday, though.

You can use "ldd" to see what are the library dependencies: almost all
plugins depend on other plugins (classes). If you add all yade plugin
dirs to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and run ldd, it should be able to resolve all
libraries to actual filenames. That should tell you exactly what goes

Don't hesitate to get back if you aren't able to resolve it.

> 2.How can I do "search" in the archive list ?
This is currently not possible (although it is not the first time it is
requested - I did only a few weeks ago).

Janek, pretty please: would you mind registering yade-* lists at
gmane.org? That would give great web interface as well as searching
capabilities. Something like gmane.science.physics.yade-* would do.


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