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Fwd: problem with running yade


*Thank you for answering me*.

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From: Václav Šmilauer <eudoxos@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Jan 3, 2007 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: [Yade-users] problem with running yade
To: yade-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1.When enter the "Plugins" and doing "rescan" (in the Edit->Preferences
button), I got some "unloaded" messges :


In yade-package-common I have the following files (some of those files the
program can load and some of them can not):

The list of files you have seems short to me (only Drawing classes). Did
you compile everything?
*Yes , I did, The compilation finished succesfully with the messaged : "
Compilation and instalation finish"*
*However I had an error message which was ignored : *
*cp cannt stat 'src/SphericalDEMSimulator/*.ipp : no such file*
* cp cannt stat 'src/SphericalDEMSimulator/*.ipp : no such file*
*Error 1 (igonored)*
Do you have all plugins directories listed
preferences? Yes
What version are you using
, what build method ? *The Recommended instalation from the site : make
compile-install ...*
Unless someone else steps in, I will not be able to verify before
friday, though.

You can use "ldd" to see what are the library dependencies: almost all
plugins depend on other plugins (classes). If you add all yade plugin
dirs to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and run ldd, it should be able to resolve all
libraries to actual filenames. That should tell you exactly what goes
*The ldd seems o.k*.

Don't hesitate to get back if you aren't able to resolve it.
2.How can I do "search" in the archive list ?
This is currently not possible (although it is not the first time it is
requested - I did only a few weeks ago).

Janek, pretty please: would you mind registering yade-* lists at
gmane.org? That would give great web interface as well as searching
capabilities. Something like gmane.science.physics.yade-* would do.


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