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Re: increasing computation time with non dynamic spheres


Lionel Favier said:     (by the date of Fri, 02 Feb 2007 12:43:16 +0100)

> Hi Janeck,
> It was a long time ...
> On my flow simulations, the ground is now composed of static spheres and 
> a box so the bottom of my channel is rough. You have a similar example 
> with "SDECSpheresPlane", but I added a box, thinner than the static 
> balls diameter. I joined an image of the channel ground...
> I noticed that computation time is really increased because of the 
> channel roughness. The reason is that contact between two static 
> spheres, or between a static sphere and a box, is computed. How is that 
> possible to avoid this loss of time computation by avoid computation of 
> these kind of contacts.

Sorry for late reply I'm still very busy currently with my thesis.

A very nice screenshot. You have made some "mark" on the spheres, it
looks nice ;)

As a remember currently if both objects have isDynamic==false, their
interactions are not calculated. It should be obvious to write it
that way. Maybe the simulation is slower not because of interaction
between them, but because there is simply a bigger number of

But I can't check it now. If you can wait till april, then I'll be
able to help you :)

# Janek Kozicki
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