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Re: Coupling Yade and Comsol


Andrea Cortis said:     (by the date of Tue, 3 Apr 2007 18:20:46 -0700)

> Dear Bruno, (and CC to Janek and Vaclav )
> [Could you please kindly confirm safe receipt of this message, so that
> I know all the email addresses are correct?]

OK. However better to discuss on yade-users :)

> Janek, Vaclav: here is a very short summary of what I have
> discussed with Bruno earlier. I would appreciate your take on
> this and if you could get me started on the yade part.
> I am developing a geomechanical model for a borehole breakout
> that has been conceptualized as follows:
> (1) a packing of (rigid) sand grains (of spherical shape) is
> hold together by friction and confining stress;
> (2) a jet of water is directed against the internal wall of
> this borehole to apply normal and tangential stresses to the
> individual grains in the packing;
> (3) hydrodynamic forces and torques acting on the individual
> grains are then passed to a DEM code to verify the breaking of
> the grain bonds, remove the grains with a broken link,
> recalculate the equilibrium position for the packing,
> (4) pass the new geometric configuration to the fluid flow code
> to recalculate stresses -> goto (2)
> I have modeled the hydrodynamic stresses by means of COMSOL
> Multiphysics (see attached), and I now need to pass this information to a DEM
> code.

this should be fairly easy in fact. Although the firs implementation
will be slow, because the two progrms will need to communicate
somehow. The means of communication will decide about the speed.

Bruno already explained to you how to apply forces on bodies. Now we
need to find a way to tell yade *what* forces to apply. The simplest
and slowest solution would be reading forces nad momentums from a
text file. And perhaps you can start it this way. Reading a file is
basic C++, you can see it for example in FEM filegenerator example,
there in FEM input text file is loaded (FEMSetTextLoader.cpp).

Later we can think about network communication, or some others,
depending on what COMSOL offers.

# Janek Kozicki
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