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Re: Yade/win


 > Since i am in need of a package that does DEM under windows (free of
 > course) I was thinking of making a version of Yade-DEM under windows.
 > Has anyone doen something or should i start from scratch (not really
 > since all routines are available)?
 > I plan to do this by the end of summer.
 > Notice i am using the new naming convention :)

I am not sure what you mean by migrating to c#, since afaik c# is 
completerly defferent thing: it compiles to bytecode (not to machine code) 
and is run atop a virtual machine?

Most straightforward is to have a machine that runs Linux a run yade over 
ssh (cygwin) with X tunneling enabled. Have a Linux guru set that up for you 
and you're done; it will take you barely half a day and it will be easier of 
evrybody - none of the core developers has windows (AFAIK), so you would be 
the only person to maintain that.

If you use VisualStudio, though, scons (the current build system) does 
support that - it will generate project files etc.

AFAIK all the libs yade uses currently compile on windows as well, but some 
parts of yade's code are platform-specific. From the top of my head, you 
will have to look at dynlib loader, at main() (which sets up signal handlers 
for debugger etc.), and probably Python support would need some 
modifications too (though I doubt you need that). Make sure that you use svn 
trunk and not 0.10!


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