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Re: Starting a wiki - ok



I want to thank everyone who supported the action "get a wiki for yade".
We are successfull :)

The wiki is fresh and not much content there yet. So first I want to
move all the content from old website at berlios. Update compilation
information becuase yade 0.11 will compile with scons, not with make,

That will take some time (hopefully I'm done with it this week). So
currently you can see our new website at:


The last part '?useskin=monobook&save=true' is because with the
"monobook" skin I've made the wiki to look very simlar to the old
website. If you just access http://yade.wikia.com you will see a
different skin, called "slate" which is very different from the old
website. Fortunately wikia allows to configure the skin so you can
use any skin you like.

I wanted to keep a similar look with the old website partly because I
just like it, and partly because I think that you might not like too
big change at any given moment. So I'm trying to set the "monobook"
skin as a default one, I just need wikia administrator help to do

So, expect the wiki to grow with all the necessary information
(copied/updated from the old website), and then we got a release 0.11.

# Janek Kozicki
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