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Re: Any idea to calculate thetotal nooverlapping volume of the particle assembly?


Thanks Vaclav, I am now continuing with the spere-box intersection volume problem:

>2. in sphere-box interaction (spheres only partially within the red
>volume), do the same. You just take one sphere cap.

I have set up those equations for calculating one sphere interacting with a box, even when only a corner of the box intersects with the sphere, now I think the last step is to use the SAPCollider to generate the contact list:

>3. Disregards spheres that don't overlap with red volume.

>In this way, you have Yade collider doing all the hard work (contact
>detection) and you just take what it calculates. The most difficult
>would be to have colliding boxes that don't create any forces then, but
>that's entirely programming question.

Let me be honest at this point, my purpose is to calculate the porosity within a mesh cell, as shown in the attached figure, therefore I need to make the YADE collider detect the sphere contact with each box (mesh cell), but this contact list must not interfere with the contact list with regular walls, and, as you have mentioned, the mesh is just mesh, it should not have any contact forces with either speres or walls.

I am reading the SAP collider codes, but not making much progress, is there a general way to do that? Thanks again for the help!

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