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Re: Successive slightly different simulations


> Hello everybody. I made at last my first attempt today : I have
> defined my script "script.py" (attached), put it in the same folder as
> my executable "yade-trunk" where is already located the .xml that the
> script will use.
Well, fix your yade instalation ;-)
> FATAL core/Omega.cpp:251 scanPlugins: Undefined symbol `typeinfo for
> GlobalStiffness'
> (/home/jerome/YADE/lib/yade-trunk/extra/libBrefcom.so: undefined
> symbol: _ZTI15GlobalStiffness).
> WARN  core/Omega.cpp:266 scanPlugins: Couldn't load everything, some
> stuff may work incorrectly.
You must be using some older version, recent ones will abort if there is
problem with plugins. You have to link Brefcom with GlobalStiffness (in
extra/SConstruct: LIBS=...) and recompile. Do a "svn update" if you can,
that's the safest way to run up-to-date code, this doens't happen in
trunk since, as I just checked, Brefcom links against Shop, which in
turns links agains GlobalStiffness.

Otherwise, your script looks fine, although you will also have to save
data from your simulation you want to get somewhere, before you reload.

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