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Re: Successive slightly different simulations


You have to link Brefcom with GlobalStiffness (in
extra/SConstruct: LIBS=...) and recompile. Do a "svn update" if you can,
that's the safest way to run up-to-date code, this doens't happen in
trunk since, as I just checked, Brefcom links against Shop, which in
turns links agains GlobalStiffness.

I've made it : I added'GlobalStifness' which indeed didn't appear in this line before:
(NB : In my version "Shop" doesn't link to GlobalStiffness)
But this doesn't solve the problem. I've always the GUI which appears alone, but the warnings are now different :

jerome@c1solimara-l:~/YADE/bin$ ./yade-trunk script.py
Constructing ClassFactory  (if multiple times - check '-rdynamic' flag!).
Constructing SerializableSingleton (if multiple times - check '-rdynamic' flag!). INFO core/Omega.cpp:33 Omega: Constructing Omega (if multiple times - check '-rdynamic' flag!). INFO core/yade.cpp:225 main: Loading configuration file: /home/jerome/.yade-trunk/preferences.xml
INFO  core/yade.cpp:227 main: Loading plugins...
*WARN extra/Brefcom.hpp:175 BrefcomMakeContact: calibratedEpsFracture=0.000407227 < epsCrackOnset=0.0001, Gf=500, E=3e+10, expBending=4
*WARNING: cannot open file used for capillary law, in TriaxalTestWater
INFO  core/yade.cpp:227 main: Plugins loaded.
INFO gui/qt3/YadeQtMainWindow.cpp:48 YadeQtMainWindow: Loading configuration file: /home/jerome/.yade-trunk/QtGUIPreferences.xml.


PS : I gave a quick look to this "Brefcom" I didn't know. It seems to deal with contacts but I didn't see where (from which source file) it could appear in my simulations... Could this Brefcom nevertheless be a problem for me ?
PPS : I would prefer, by laziness I confess, not to update if possible...

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