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IMPORTANT: Mailing list migration.



There were many problems with yade mailing lists on berlios.de
recently. The fact that they were completely broken for almost two
weeks, a month ago, made use to solve this problem ultimately:
We are switching to launchpad. 

This switch has beed first tested on yade-dev and now we are doing
this on yade-users.

Please see instructions for migration to launchpad:


We want to make this migration as swift as possible:

* all mailing list archives are already imported to launchpad

* both mailing lists will stay SYNCHRONIZED for SEVERAL MONTHS

* this (deprecated) mailing list yade-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will become RECEIVE-ONLY

* every user that will subscribe to launchpad will be unsubscribed
  from yade-users (to avoid receiving each post twice, from both
  mailing lists).


  - if you only want to receive posts (without sending), you don't do anything
    for few months. Afterwards you will need to subscribe to launchpad.

  - if you want to be able to send new messages, you need to subscribe:


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