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Re: IMPORTANT: Mailing list migration.


You can compare old and new mailing list archives here:


(sorted by date, so it's easier to spot the last message)

- Everything that is sent to launchpad is also forwarded to berlios
  with [deprecated list] subject prefix.

- Everything that is sent to berlios (not launchpad) gets a rejection
  notice about mailing list migration.

For example this post by XSX has been rejected:
  "How can I change or add preprocessor's source code?"
please resend it to launchpad :)

I'm sorry for this inconvenience, I think that lauchpad will not have
any problems that berlios had - after all - it is hosting ubuntu
project itself :)

One more thing - when you click "reply" please make sure that you
send reply to the mailing list, NOT to a PRIVATE address.

Most modern email clients should have this done automatically, but
better to check by yourself (and see if you can configure your email
client). The lauchpad mailing list does not override the "Reply-To"

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