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OSError: [Errno 17] while compiling


(NB : No, my email account is not pirated by a spam robot...)

After some work in the source code, and, so, an attempt to recompile I get this error message at the very beginning :

Checking for boost::python::scope() in C++ library boost_python-mt... (cached) yes (all the former checkings are also to yes)
OSError: [Errno 17] File exists:
 File "/home/jerome/MyTrunk/SConstruct", line 524:
   installHeaders() # install to buildDir always
 File "/home/jerome/MyTrunk/SConstruct", line 491:
   if not exists(linkName): os.symlink(linkTarget,linkName)

I tried again after a scons -c, and also after having commented the (two) paragraphs in the "Sconscript" files corresponding to the modified source files but it changes nothing... It seems to me that I already faced this error but I didn't remember when (and how to solve it)... I didn't find anything on the mailing list and the only thing I understand from the web is that this error could occur at every installation of something. Finally and unfortunately I understand the "Sconstruct" very very too few to see exactly what goes wrong...

Thanks again


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