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Re: Relative Density


My Question: >>By radius expansion method particle radius increased until to desire mean pressure ...where Minimum density state obtained.

I'm sorry, I don't understand this question.

>>What about the REFD(Radius Expansion Friction Decrease) that was implemented for Maximum density?In REFD friction reaches to zero maintaining the desired mean pressure.When particle generated with high porosity and when REFD implemented---what are the difference?For more specific I want to know REFD and its Implementation.


contact_friction = friction_initial;
while (porosity > porosity0)
      contact_friction *= 0.99999; //or anything lower but close to 1
      keep stress constant;
      run a few cycles;
contact_friction = friction_final;// recommended at that point : contact_friction < friction_final, or the sample will be unstable.

This method can give you many different density values, depending on friction_initial and porosity0.



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