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Re: Simulation with CohesiveTriaxialTest


> Hi
> I installed yade-1393 and want to do a simulation with
> CohesiveTriaxialTest Module.But I find a problem: simulation can't
> move on when the isocompression almost finish. The packs seems can't
> reached equilibrium--the computing steps keeping increasing, it takes
> much more time than TriaxialTest simulation . Does
> CohesiveTriaxialTest need more steps or time to reach equilibrium than
> TriaxialTest?
> Is it possible to run yade in a debug mode? or compile/debug it in
> another IDE such as KDevelop?I think it's better for
> debugging/developing new module.
Hi, svn 1393 is ages old, I would recommend svn update. I have no clue
about the problem with CohesiveTriaxial, perhaps Burno will tell you
more. For debugging, have a look here:
http://yade.wikia.com/wiki/Installation_details#Scons_options. There is
python console, if you need live debugging.

HTH, Vaclav