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Fabric Data


Hi All,
I want to extract Fabric Data (like, particle to particle conatct information,contact normal,contact force,tangential force etc) in such a way that in certain step or in certain axial strain I will get data as follows

step  contact ...

2000  1   2 
      1   7 
      1   9
      1   12

At present condintion i am getting data as follows (in certain step level data for strain or stress)

step s1 s2 s3 e1 e2 e3...

But I want to see particulate information in every step or in certain axail strain level.So that after extraction data I can plot polar diagram or rose diagram,that is next step case so that I can study the distribution of contacts orientation or anything in particulate level.

Can anybody give me idea to extract Fabric data?

Mohammad Nurul Islam


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