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Re: Applying constant force on a wall


MarcoDottor a écrit :

I made a wall using utils.box, I would like to add a constant force
acting on that wall but if I use DeusExMachina ForceEngine on that box
with subscribedbody boxId it does nothing.
Box dynamic is set to True, I dont understant why.
If I use a Displacement or TranslationEngine it works, but I need that
wall not to move unsopped cause it will compenetrate an imported
You need to be more precise in describing your problems.

What means "it does nothing"?
How did you check it?
Is the force on the wall equal to 0, or is it just equal to something independant on your applied force?
Is it not moving at all/moving slowly so you don't realise?

I did not use the force engine before but the problem should be easy to find, putting a few "cerr" or "LOG_DEBUG" here and there, with tests based on the wall's id.

Also, I have the feeling (but I'm not sure...) that what you want may be keeping the force constant on the wall, instead of adding a constant force on it. These are two different approaches. In the first case, you need something in the line of TriaxialStressController, with isDynamic=false; in the later case, ForceEngine is ok, with isDynamic=true.


if (id==your wall) {

I would like to make a uniaxial compression test like simulation, with
an imported geometry on the other side.
Is that something I'm doing in wrong way?

Thank you


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