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Launchpad: your PPA's size limit


Hello yade-users,

Personal Package Archive size limits

We've been thrilled by the take-up of Personal Package Archives and the
different uses to which people are putting them. As the number of PPAs
grows, naturally they require more and more disk space.

Right now, the default size of a PPA is 1GB but Launchpad doesn't 
enforce that. Instead, when you get close to 1GB in your archive 
Launchpad warns you by email.

We're plannning to start enforcing PPA size limits as of the 25th of
February. From then onwards, Launchpad will reject further uploads to
PPAs that have reached their maximum size. Note that this applies to a 
very small number of PPAs; the majority of PPAs are much smaller than 

The limit isn't a hard rule, though. I've already been in touch with 
everyone whose PPA is getting close to or is already over 1GB. If I 
haven't contacted you but you need more space for your PPA, please 
request it using Launchpad Answers:


If you use your PPA in a way that helps the community or is cool for 
some other reason, we'll almost certainly increase its size.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, get in touch
with us on the launchpad-users mailing list:



Matthew Revell
Launchpad.net -- free software collaboration and project hosting