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RE User's Guide/ Documentation



If you want to find some documentation you could start with reading the
thesis that you find here: http://yade.wikia.com/wiki/Publications
If you want to create a simulation I suggest to use Python scripting, I
am a new user too and find this way a lot easyer than writing it in C++.
If you want to use the console you have to build Yade with Python like
scons -j2 PREFIX=home/user/YADE optimize=1 feature=python openmpi=1

Once compiled you have to open the terminal, go to the bin directory
like /YADE/bin/ and write ./yade-svnVersion NameOfScript.py

You can find some script examples in Script folder and Examples folder,
you have to copy to bin directory and then execute them.

To apply different forces at determined moment you could use

Unfortunately I cannot say much about Yade because I'm only a user,
anyway you could explore all the sources and try to ask to these
gentleman developers.


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