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Re: New version and old scripts


>         ## Applica forza alla base
>         DeusExMachina('ForceEngine',{'subscribedBodies':[boxId],
> 'force':[0,0,-2.2]}),
ForceEngine was not updated to use BexContainer yet, it is fixed in the
last commit, r1692. If you still have the same problem, paste the
backtrace, that's the easiest way to find what caused the exception to
be thrown.
> DeusExMachina('FixedOrientationEngine',{'subscribedBodies':[boxId]}),
> DeusExMachina('FixedPositionEngine',{'subscribedBodies':[boxId],'mask':[0.000001,0.000001,0]}),
You can block DOFs on per-body basis using something like this:

for b in boxid:
   b.phys.blockedDOFs=['x','y','rz'] # to block x,y translations and z

It will also be  faster, I think: you will eliminate engines.

HTH, Vaclav