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Modification in TriaxialStressController


Hi Bruno, Hi everybody

I just commit a new engine to perform "true" triaxial simulations with different stress or strainrate values in each space direction.

To do that, I have slightly modified the TriaxialStressController by adding variables sigma1, sigma2 and sigma3 (generalization of sigma_iso) and variables max_vel1, max_vel2 and max_vel3 (generalization of max_vel).

TriaxialCompressionEngine should work even with this new variables.

I hope I have broken nothing, if there is a problem let me know!



Luc Sibille

Université de Nantes - Laboratoire GeM UMR CNRS

IUT de Saint Nazaire
58, rue Michel-Ange - BP 420
44606 Saint-Nazaire Cedex, France

Tel: +33 (0)2 40 17 81 78