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Yade on AIX cluster installation problem II



After conpiling the boost 1.38 library witch updated g++ compiler and
setting Yade like this:

export QTDIR="/opt/freeware/qt" QTINC="/opt/freeware/qt/include" \

scons \
        PREFIX=/opt/yade \
        CPPPATH="/opt/sqlite3/include /opt/boost/include/boost-1_38" \
        LIBPATH="/opt/sqlite3/lib /opt/boost/lib" \
        QTDIR=/opt/freeware/qt \
        SHCCFLAGS="-lbz2 -lz" \
        LINKFLAGS="-lbz2 -lz" \
        SHLINKFLAGS="-lbz2 -lz" \
        CXX="g++ -lbz2 -lz -lboost_system" \
        jobs=2 \
        version=aix \
        variant='-power5' \
        exclude=gui,qt3,log4cxx,snow \
        features=python \
        optimize=1 \
        openmp=1 \

many of the initial check are passed:

Checking whether c++ compiler "g++ -lbz2 -lz -lboost_system"
Checking for pthread_exit(NULL) in C library pthread... yes
Checking for glutGetModifiers() in C library glut... yes
Checking for boost::posix_time::time_duration::time_duration() in C++
library boost_date_time-mt... yes
Checking for boost::thread::thread() in C++ library boost_thread-mt...
Checking for boost::filesystem::path() in C++ library boost_filesystem-
mt... yes
Checking for boost::iostreams::file_sink("") in C++ library
boost_iostreams-mt... yes
Checking for boost::regex("") in C++ library boost_regex-mt... yes
Checking for C++ header file boost/foreach.hpp... yes
Checking for sqlite3_close(0L) in C++ library sqlite3... yes
Checking for qt-mt in /opt/freeware/qt... no
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split':
  File "/opt/yade/SConstruct", line 331:
    ok=(conf.CheckPython() and conf.CheckIPython() and
and conf.CheckCXXHeader(['Python.h','numpy/ndarrayobject.h'],'<>'))
  File "/opt/freeware/lib/scons-1.2.0/SCons/SConf.py", line 636:
    ret = apply(self.test, (context,) +  args, kw)
  File "/opt/yade/SConstruct", line 255:
Checking for Python development files...

But the exclude parameter seen not to work as it wants log4cxx and gui

ListOption('features','Optional features that are turned

Compiling QT libraries is a bit difficult

When copiling Yade there are a lot of warnings cause SHCCFLAGS,
LINKFLAGS, SHLINKFLAGS, LDFLAGS are not used in the linking phase of
compilator and so there is the need of using "g++ -lz -lb2

How could I proceed ?

Thank you very much.

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