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Re: Problem in ElasticContact law + needs clarification


Bruno Chareyre a écrit :

Elastic contact law is broken in the default TriaxialTest. I guess it is linked with r1822. It looks like friction is almost inactive ("almost" because shearForce is not null when I look into a xml, but the sample still has a negligible shear strength).

Not clear for me :

-What is the result of "#ifdef SCG_SHEAR" by default?
-TriaxialTest generates a contact law with useShear=0 by default, is that correct? When I put useShear=1, the result looks better. -momentRotationLaw="1" by default, is that correct? (it has always been that way perhaps, if nobody opposes, i'll set it false by default)

According to me momentRotationLaw="1" by default is not correct but I understood, that until now, this booleen is not used... Ok for momentRotationLaw="0"

-Could we please keep the old version of this contact law by default?

Ok for me



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