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all yade users, please introduce yourself!


Hello everybody,

it seems there is quite many people using/developing yade now, but we
don't know much about you. I would like to collect this kind of
information so that we can steer in some way the development, to see
what annoys you, what you work on etc. Being open-source, yade builds on
your (that means _you_ who is just reading this, not some abstract
"you") participation and I would like to make that more intensive.

We ocasionally get such information from brave newcomers on the mailing
list (like Anton lastly -- thanks!), but I suppose there is many more
people who don't speak up for some reason.

I created a wiki page at http://yade.wikia.com/wiki/WhoIsDoingWhat ,
where I would like to ask you to tell us something about yourself and
your work. Fell free to not stick to the template and provide other
information that could interest us: your voice counts.

Please forward this message to people that are not subscribed the list
but work with/on yade, such as your master students and stagiers.

Thanks for your cooperation,


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