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Re: all yade users, please introduce yourself!


> I created a wiki page at http://yade.wikia.com/wiki/WhoIsDoingWhat ,
> where I would like to ask you to tell us something about yourself and
> your work. Fell free to not stick to the template and provide other
> information that could interest us: your voice counts.
Thanks for those who wrote about themselves, can others do the same as

Nice to hear things that I wasn't aware of, and I perhaps need some

Vincent: "I don't feel good with interaction parameters that are stored
(embeded) in bodies": I am not sure what you mean here.

Bruno: "The time gain with "parallel" option is still very low". What
speedups you get? For TriaxialTest(fast=True,numberOfGrains=10000), I
have 48 vs. 28 iter/sec by setting OMP_NUM_THREADS to 4 and 1
respectively. If you have some ideas for improvements, they will be very

Anton: "Good to have YADE deb-package in repositories.". The
infrastructure is there, https://launchpad.net/~yade-users/+archive/ppa
has (one) package, but given the speed how yade evolves and until
recently, you couldn't practically use it without writing c++ code, it
didn't make much sense to distribute binaries.

(I will paste these discussions to the wiki page WhoIsDoingWhat so that
it doesn't get lost. If you want, open bugreport/create blueprint for
those features you need. That's perhaps the best way to keep track.)


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