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Re: pfc3d videos at youtube


>         Bulldozer. The bulk of the work would be to model the
>         boundaries (drill
>         bit, the tank etc) in blender or by hand parametrically and
>         then run the
>         simulation.
> Could you not comment Blender+Yade bridge? GTS export or how?

Export to stl, then use stl2gts to convert to gts, then load:

 import gts

There is also sega's code for direct STL import; I find the interface
not so much integrated in the rest of the new gts-based surface
manipulation routines -- we would should create GTS surface object from
the stl, rather than creating facets right away as
utils.import_stl_geometry does. But it works just fine -- see
examples/rod_penetration/model.py for the import_stl_geometry use.


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