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Re: pfc3d videos at youtube


>         Bulldozer. The bulk of the work would be to model the
>         boundaries (drill

But for most cases they have, it is easier to do it parametrically, by
hand, at least  for me... -- the bulldozer is just a swept surface, so
you create one curve, sweep it and convert to surface; the drillbit is
the same issue, once you have the planar section ready, then it's a
piece of cake, with pack.sweptPolylines2gtsSurface doing all the
connection work, collapsing vertices etc.

(note that swepPolylines2gtsSurface needs the polylines be the same
length (in the sense of number of points). If you do the tip of the
drill bit, you just create list of the required number of identical
points, gts will collapse them if you specify threshold)

The mixer would be certainly easier with blender, though, but I lack the
skill to do that.