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Re: How to keep a constant stress boundary?


> More precisely, it is in TriaxialStressController. This engine needs to 
> be assigned 6 boxes (one for each boundary). The boxes are used to 
> define the surfaces (since you need a surface to define a stress).
> If you don't have 6 boxes, you need to find a workaround.

That reminds me, Bruno: could you make something like
TriaxialStressController but using MetaBody::{cellMin,cellMax} with
extra/PeriodicInsertionSortCollider instead of the 6 walls?

Ideally, it would have the same interface as the current
TriaxialStressController (or make an abstract class that defines that)
and one could choose which to use (in TriaxialTest, for instance).

Have a look at scripts/test/periodic-compress.py and the
PeriodicIsoCompressor class -- it has much less features (and ambitions)
that full-fledged stress controller,I just use it to make dense periodic

Cheers, Vaclav

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