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Re: clumps


I am sorry to ask a novice question again.. Assuming that this equation (I dw'/dt + [w' cross Iw']= T') is going to be used, all viarables are in the local frame and the inertia matrix will be aligned to the principal axis.  Since inertia can be represented by a vector, does the Inertia 3x3matrix need to be generated?  
In this case, only variables that have to be transformed from local to global coordinates (vice-versa) are the angular velocity (w), angular acceleration (dw'/dt) and torque(T)?


Btw, is this problem with Newton's Damped Law only?  Or YADE does not yet implement the 'accurate' method to calculate the dynamics non-spherical particles?
P.S.  I am interested in this because of the ellipsoid. I'll look at superquadratics too (after days of deciding).  The thing is i'm stuck at quarternions & rigid body dynamics. <sigh>



Yours sincerely,


CW Boon

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