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Re: Get sphere radius from bodies


Thanks, Vaclav..  Now I'm still familiarizing with interactinggeometry.  And I see that there are the SCG and the newer DemXDofGeom. 

Q1.  May I know why do you project points on spheres to planes in DemXDorGeom?  It is cleaner than SCG but there're a lot more computations for sphere-sphere..

Q2.  Since I'll be generally generating superquadratics, I'll have to use MarchingCube.hpp.  Glad that it is in YADE but I don't know how to use it...Is there an example?

Q3.  I've some 'cleaner' versions of simple contact laws for beginners.  May I know the website for the repository to upload?  I couldn't find it..

I appreciate your guidance...

Yours sincerely,

C.W. Boon
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