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Re: How to use constitutive laws in Python scripts


> > I imagine that this is where kn, ks and frictionAngle have to be assigned? I
> > am gonna try, but, I still do not understand why the simulation cannot work
> > with ConcretePM, RockPM or ViscoelasticPM?
> Because for ViscoelasticPM, for example, you need SimpleViscoelasticMat,
> NewtonIntegrator(damping=0) (it is new name of NewtonDampedLaw) and no
> O.dt with utils.PWaveTimeStep(). See example/STLImporterTest.py or
> scripts/test/clump-hopper-viscoelastic.py. (they are most up to date)...

The same is true for other constitutive laws you mention as well.

For ConcretePM, you need

CpmMat as material
Ig2_*_*_Dem3DofGeom (which is generic)
Ip2_CpmMat_CpmMat_CpmPhys InteractionPhysics functor
Law2_Dem3Dof_CpmPhys_Cpm law functor

And for RockPM, you just replace Cpm by Rock.

Cheers, v.