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Re: [Yade-dev] R: Re: Triax-Py


> actually I was wondering if it is possible to divide the simulation 
> into smaller parts using python commands. I mean, starting from the random 
> generation, calling engines and so on.
> Is that possible for the Triaxial?

I added scripts/test/triax.py, if that is what you mean. It still relies
on TriaxialCompressionEngine, but does the setup by itself.

There is also scripts/test/periodic-triax.py, it uses different engine
(PeriTriaxController), but works nicely for some scenarios, although
still in development.

For the engine parameters, go to
http://beta.arcig.cz/~eudoxos/yade/doxygen/ ,  I added the search line
on the left top so that you can get to TriaxialCompressionEngine (for
example) quickly.

Cheers, Vaclav