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CGAL, triangulation, MMA



Q1. Bruno has developed the MicroMacroAnalyzer and written a documentation on it in the web.  https://yade-dem.org/index.php/Triangulation How do I setup the CGAL libraries to use it?  It would be great if someone can tell me how CGAL is linked to scons in YADE. Since it is going to have license issues, maybe i should get it while it is still free. 

Q2. Please let me know if there are other equivalent ways of doing things like MicroMacroAnalyzer.  

Q3. Quote "Strains can be recomputed later (out of yade) with different interval sizes (like [n,n+2N], [n,n+3N], etc.) " 
What is [n,n+2N]?

Q4. Any other basic advice on how to get started with MMA will be wonderful.


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