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Re: CGAL, triangulation, MMA


> Q1. Bruno has developed the MicroMacroAnalyzer and written a
> documentation on it in the web.
> https://yade-dem.org/index.php/Triangulation How do I setup the CGAL
> libraries to use it?  It would be great if someone can tell me how
> CGAL is linked to scons in YADE. Since it is going to have license
> issues, maybe i should get it while it is still free. 

Something like:

  sudo apt-get install libcgal-dev

then add cgal to features and you're done. It will build
MicroMacroAnalyser then.

The license problem is not that it is free now and it will not be; it is
always free, but the license is more restrictive than yade's license.

(the rest is for Bruno)

Cheers, v