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Re: IntSphere2IntSphere4SCG


> Both of these variables are not initialized?  Can someone explain to
> me why are we shifting the position to calculate the Normal?  And why
> are we using another boolean called 'force'?   

They are both passed as function arguments.

force: always create the geom, even if spheres are far away (normally
not used, only if calling explicitAction):

shift2: periodicity shift, handled by the dispatcher (e.g.
pkg/common/Engine/Dispatcher/InteractinDispatchers.cpp:92), see also

> Q2. How does go and goReverse work?  goReverse is absent in other
> similar classes.

Not needed, it should be handled by the dispatcher now; it used to be
called when argument types were reverse (e.g. functor taking Facet
+Sphere, but receiving Sphere+Facet).